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Welcome to formally this website offers area information mostly about the Tri-Lakes WI; Lake Arrowhead, Camelot Lake, Sherwood Lake and Rome Township Wisconsin but also surrounds areas as well. Some of the info includes Cities, Towns, Counties, Townships, Lakes, Public Land, Creeks, Local Features including Wisconsin Rapids, Nekoosa, Friendship, New Rome, Hancock, Adams County, Woods County, Juneau County, Waushara County, Portage County, Lake Petenwell, Twin Lakes, Leola Marsh Wildlife Area, County Parks, Big Roche-A-Cri Fishery Area, Fourteen Mile Creek, Big Roche-A-Cri Creek, ATV Routes, Golf Courses, Snowmobile Trails, Room to Roam Dog Park and more…

Tri-Lakes WI

Rome Township Wisconsin

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Twin Lakes Frontage with Lake Petenwell Boat Slip

Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead also known as Manchester Lake (according to the official Wisconsin Lake Book by WI Department of Natural Resource) It is the second largest of the Tri-lakes with about 350 acres of water and a max depth of 30 ft. The Tri-lakes are all heavily subdivided and have covenants and some areas have association fees Lake Arrowhead is probably best known for it’s golf course, Lake Arrowhead County Park andShermalot Water Ski Show. The Lake Arrowhead Golf Course consists of 2 courses; the original, “The Pines Course” & “The Lake Course” which has more water hazards. Both of these golf courses are 18 holes and have been recognized by Golf Digest as 2 of the better courses in the country including a 4.5 star rating on The Pines Course.

Camelot Lake

Lake Camelot is the largest of the Tri-lakes with a sand bottom, about 445 acres of water, a max depth of 24 ft. and an average depth of 9 ft.  Fourteen Mile Creek flows into the lake on the east end, continuous to where Lake Camelot Lake Sherwood meet on the west end where the dam is located then turn back into the creek and into Lake Arrowhead a short distance down.  Spend a day atLake Camelot County Park located on the south end near the middle of the lake.

Sherwood Lake

Lake Sherwood also known as Deer Lodge Lake because the Tri-Lakes Deer Lodge. Sherwood is the smallest of the Tri-lakes with about 246 acres of water and a max depth of 27 ft. and an average depth of 10 ft. It's fed by Spring Brook which flows into the lake from the northeast. You would think that Lake Sherwood would be the home of Shermalot Waterski show but that is on Lake Arrowhead.

Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes it's about 60 acres of water and an unknown max depth and an unknown average depth. Right across the street about 1 city block down is Twin Lakes boat launch on Lake Petenwell.  Now Twin Lake Development is kind of interesting because the Lakefront Lots get dock space on Petenwell Flowage. Twin Lakes Nature Preserve is located just north of the lakes right by Twin Lakes Boat Lauch on Lake Petenwell.

Lake Petenwell

Lake Petenwell is Wisconsin’s second largest body of water (23,000+ Acres), created by Wisconsin River Power Company in the 1940s by building a Hydroelectric Dam on the Wisconsin River. Lake Petenwell is also known as Petenwell flowage. It has plenty of fine waterfront real estate around Petenwell County Park which is one of Central Wisconsin’s most popular parks. Just south of the Petenwell Dam, is Castle Rock Lake, which is WI 4th largest lake. Theses two lakes, along with the Wisconsin, River separate Adams County & Juneau Cty.

Area Information for Rome Township and Surrounding Areas

Tri Lakes Area Features

  • Room to Roam Dog Park
    The Pines Golf Course
    The Lakes Golf Course
    ATV Routes
    Snowmobile Trails
    Lake Camelot County Park
    Lake Arrowhead County Park
    Lake Sherwood County Park
    Monroe Prairie Recreation Area

Sandy Beach Areas

Adams County

  • Lake Arrowhead
  • Twin Lakes Boat Launch on Lake Petenwell
  • Lake Petenwell
  • Lake Camelot County Park


Juneau County

  • Petenwell Wilderness Park

Area Counties

  • Adams County
    Wood County
    Juneau County
    Waushara County
    Portage County


Adams County

  • Rome Township
    Big Flats Township
    Monroe Township
    Colburn Township

Juneau County

  • Armenia Township
    Necedah Township

Wood County

  • Port Edwards Township
    Saratoga Township


  • Lake Petenwell aka Petenwell Flowage
    Twin Lakes
    Arrowhead Lake
    Sherwood Lake
    Camelot Lake
    Dorro Couche Lake - Private


  • Wisconsin River

Juneau County

  • Yellow River
    Little Yellow River

Creeks and Trout Streams

Adams County

  • Leola Ditch Class 2 Trout Stream
    Chester Creek Class 1 Trout Stream – Link to Petenwell
    Big Roche-A-Cri Creek Class 1 & 2 Trout Stream
    Fourteen Mile Creek
    Spring Brook
    West Petenwell Ditch Class 2 Trout Stream
    Dead Horse Creek
    Carter Creek Class 1, 2 and 3 Trout Stream

Wood County

  • Ten Mile Creek Class 2 Trout Stream
    Ten Mile Creek Ditch Class 3 Trout Stream
    Sevenmile Creek Class 1 Trout Stream
    Fivemile Creek Class 1, 2 & 3 Trout Stream
    Lynn Creek Class 1 Trout Stream
    Moccasin Creek Class 2 Trout Stream
    Bloody Run Creek Class 1 Trout Stream

Juneau County

  • Cranberry Creek
    Creeks in Necedah Wildlife Refuge

Cities Towns and Villages

  • New Rome
    Wisconsin Rapids WI 54494
    Port Edwards WI 54469
    Nekoosa WI 54457
    Hancock WI 54943
    Bancroft WI 54921
    Friendship WI 53934
    Arkdale WI 54613
    Monroe Center
    Big Flats
    Necedah WI 54646

Public Land

Adams County

  • Rome Township
    • Twin Lakes Nature Preserve
      Lake Camelot Public Access
      Leola Township
      Central Wisconsin Grassland Conservation Area
      Leola Marsh Wildlife Area
      Big Roche-A-Cri Fishery Area
      Big Flats Township
      Forest Legacy Program
  • Monroe Township
    • Monroe Town Park
      Lake Petenwell County Park
      Colburn Township
      Colburn Wildlife Area
      Wood County
      Tem Mile Creek Streambank Protection Area
      Steambank Easement Program
  • Juneau County
    • Necedah National Wildlife Refuge
      Cranberry Creek Mound Group State Natural Area
      Juneau County Land
      Petenwell Wilderness Park
      Yellow River Juneau County Forest Addition
      Meadow Valley Wildlife Area
  • Portage County
    • Buena Vista Wildlife Area

Boat Landings

Adams County

  • Rome Township
    • Lake Arrowhead Boat Ramp
      Lake Camelot Boat Launch
      Lake Sherwood Boat Ramp
    • Lake Petenwell
      • Chester Creek Boat Landing
        Fourteen Mile Creek Walk-In Launch
        Twin Lakes Walk-In Launch
  • Monroe Township
    • Lake Petenwell
      • Lake Petenwell County Park Ramps + Safe Harbor
      • Barnum Bay Petenwell Launch


  • Juneau County
    • Lake Petenwell
      • Deerfield Road -
        Petenwell Wilderness Park 9th Street East – Ramp, Concrete Panels, Rest Rooms, Fee Campground
        10th St East by Big Bay -
        8th Ave Petenwell Dam on Wisconsin River –

Rock Formations

Rome Township

  • Dyracuse Mound aka D’oro Couche
    Hamilton Mound 

Big Flats Township

Developments & Subdivisions

  • Adams County
  • Rome Township
  • Big Flats Township
  • Colburn Township
  • Leola Township
  • Juneau County
  • Armenia Township
  • Necedah Township

Tri-Lakes Wisconsin