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Adams County Land for Sale

Adams County Wisconsin Land for Sale

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Adams County, is located in Central WI with the County seat in Adams-Friendship. To the west is Wisconsin River which forms Lake Petenwell and Castle Rock Lake, WI's 2nd and 4th largest inland bodies of water these waters shape Adams Cty's west border. You can find plenty of land open to the public via Roche-A-Cri State Park, Colburn Wildlife Area, Plumb Creek Timberland, Quincy Bluffs and private land open to the public through various MFL – Manage Forest Land programs. Adams County is a big tourist hotspot due to its lakes, wildlife and locations to the larger cities like Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee Minneapolis and even Wisconsin Dells. But it's also an area that grows a lot of human consumption food like sweet corn, peas, beans, potatoes, peppers etc…  On this page you'll find real estate like Vacant Lots, Hunting Acreage, Farmland, Wooded Land, Waterfront Lots, Lake Lots, Timberland, Wetlands, City Lots, Vacant Land, Raw Land, Camping Sites, Building Site and more...

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Adams County WI Land for Sale

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